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Lost Days

Where the Fuck Have I Been

4/23/06 12:18 pm

I forgot that I had one of these things! Maybe I should start posting regularly again.

11/12/05 11:56 pm - crazy weekend

long weekend. on thursday night i went to the jagermeister music tour at bogarts to see COC, who kicked ass (but the other bands sucked). then yesterday ben, mark, and I went to BW3s for Mark's birthday and went back to ben's and played Resident Evil 4 for three hours. today i walked around in my boxers till around 2, watched most of The Big Lebowski (which is funny as hell), then went to see Max's band The Rainheads play (they kick ass) and met Crotch and Jennifer there. The show was all the way across town and I got lost several times on the way there and back, which resulted in me being able to make use of my car's 4 wheel drive capablities. All 3 of those days' scheduals were broken up sporadicly by me playing guitar. Tomorrow me and Mark are probobly going to go explore eastgate mall or something. yeah. we should have more long weekends.

10/30/05 07:37 pm - and while i'm at it...

i decided to redo this picture:

10/30/05 07:26 pm - HALLOW'S EVE'S EVE

My super cool white pumpkin.  Pretty snazy, don't ya think?




hell yes, blue LED lights are just awesom like that

10/30/05 05:36 pm - guitar center

one day when i'm rich, i shall buy this.  the coolest bass EVER, played by some of the coolest bassists EVER.



just crazy kids with a camera in a car in a driveway at 2 in the morning talking about bank accounts and homecomming.

9/13/05 10:50 pm

bring forth the molusk, cast unto me
let's be forever, let forever be free


9/11/05 01:06 am - Fat ass mofo

yeah Mike was pretty pissed about this one hahaha

8/30/05 07:58 pm - Ah the joys of driving


So, the other day me and Ben and Mark went on a little drive to Clifton, for absofuckinglutely no reason at all.  I parked my car in the IGA parking lot, and we went in and baught these things called Ginger Beers.  We were sitting in the back of the wagon drinking them, talking about where we should go next, and people kept giving us weird looks as they walked by.  Then this super gay cop walked up slowly and slowly walked in circles around the car, smiling smugly and looking at us.  We got kind of freaked out, so Ben and Mark walked back over to Mark's car (I'm still not allowed to drive people around, but i sometimes do anyways).  As I started to drive off, the gay cop flagged me down.  The ensuing conversation went something like this:

me: is there a problem officer?

cop: hello!  you weren't by chance sitting there drinking beer were you?

me: no sir

cop: oh really?

me: yep

cop: how old are you?

me: 16

cop: 16 huh?

me: yeah

cop: teenagers like to expeirament with things

me: ok...

cop: and you know, drinking beer is illegal

me: yes it is

cop: what were you drinking?

me: root beer

cop: root beer?

me: yeah

cop: where are the bottles?

me: my friend mark threw 'em in the dumpster (points at mark then at dumpster)

cop: threw em in the dumpster huh?

me: yep

cop: cleanin up the evidence?

me: no sir! just doing my duty as a citizen not to litter

cop: ok then, we got security camaras, we'll have you're lisence plate number and we'll see what you were drinking

me: ok! have fun

cop: ok (smiles smugly, like he caught me or something. what a pig fucker.) you have a nice day.

me: oh i will!


Yeah, i told you he was gay.  Me and Ben and Mark had a good laugh about that afterwords.  I was laughing so much at the thought of that pigfucker profiling against teens, and thinking about how someone who walked by us must have tipped him off, that I almost ran a red light.  But I didn't.

8/21/05 04:14 pm - yeahhh

me and mark and ben went cruzing last night. first we went to this stupid festival in hyde park that turned out to be a major dissapointment (although we did find the newest member of Keenover Co., his name is Chuckles.). Then we went to Clifton where we were supposed to meet someone, who turned us up. So we went driving around harrasing people and then went to IGA and got a buttload of energy drinks and went home. We watched Sin City (which sucked) and then stayed up to watch the uncut version of the Pamala Anserson Roast (hillarious!). Well, that's all for now.
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